Stock Market Training Course

Future Creater is a classroom stock market training programme which covers all basic & advance levels of stock market trading operations like equity-derivatives-option trading,technical & fundamental analysis & more. Our share market course is suitable for any field of professionals ,businessman, students, housewives etc who want to make a full time or part time income in share market or interested to make a career in stock market industry.Depending on different people need, we designed our share market training course so that it becomes a value for money while delivered.Our key aspect while training our students is teaching them practically as much as possible & teaching them diversification of their capital investment with proper risk management.Our mentors of share market classes are not only just trainers but they are also trading live trading accounts with the same strategies that is taught to students which is an added advantage for students as they are learning strategies which are making money for their mentors.

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Able to learn the basics of the investing in the stock market

Learn to manage a portfolio of stocks and other asset classes.

Learn when to buy and when to sell a stock.

Learn the importance of saving for their long term future.

Future Creater
Boost your Knowledge

At the commencement of Futurecreater training program classes were conducted only on the subjects of Stock Market. Gradually, class introduced courses like Technical Analysis & Derivatives Market. To give diversification Futurecreater introduced courses like Commodity, Currency and Mutual Fund. In next phase, to make the students an independent analyst of stock market and permanent player of financial market, we started courses like Equity Research, Financial Planning & Stock Market Special Events.

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Advance Share Market

Commodity Market

Currency Market

Portfolio Management

“Learn the Market or Leave the market!”